Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well that's new.

I tried to give blood today, but wasn't allowed to because my iron content was 1% too high. That has never happened before. I didn't even know they had an upper limit.

It could be because this was a different organization than the Red Cross and they may have different standards. They had a different testing method, too. They used a centrifuge instead of the buoyancy method.

In other news, my work as a junior member of the ACL senior project has started. The goal of the project is to design an accurate model of the mechanical forces experienced by the human knee during and after ACL failure. My job this semester is basically to learn everything that Nathan Green has been doing the past two years so I can continue his work after he leaves. This is done through a series of research assignments that so far seem difficult but doable.

Another fun activity that I've recently gotten myself into is joining the Longview Chorus and Symphony for their upcoming performance of...

...dum da da dah...

Beethoven's 9th Symphony!
(Saturday, September 29 in the new Belcher Center)