Thursday, February 26, 2009

41st Post!!!!

The original purpose of this post was to let everyone know that I am feeling better now and that all of my tests came back normal. I'm really busy now, especially since I'm directing a skit that I wrote for Hootenanny and producing a movie for Film Fest.

That's all I was going to write until I noticed that this was going to be the 41st post of the Powersuite blog, which meant that I would have to post something special. So here is a clip of the always awesome Singing Tesla Coil, also known as the Zeusaphone:

Hmmm... it seems Blogger is not cooperating in showing the clip. So here's the link instead:


Interesting note: the primary on this Tesla Coil operates at 41kHz.

I'm hoping to build my own Zeusaphone (albeit a much smaller one) for E-Lab 3 by connecting the output of a keyboard to a power amplifier then through a flyback transformer. We'll see how that works out.