Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Recruit

So... This is my first post on the power suite blog.

When I first moved in to the power suite, I knew that I would be experiencing several changes. I decided that I would use my change on environment to change my habits and have a better semester.

Change 1: Sleeping. Last semester, I would regularly stay up until 3 o'clock in the morning. Now, I usually go to bed before 12:30. This drastically improved my QOL (quality of life). I started eating breakfast, I fall asleep in class less... Just thumbs up all the way.
Change 2: Showering. I know some of you may be grossed out, but I promise, I used to take a shower every night. Now, I take them in the morning. It is a small change, but I definitely feel better after a shower in the morning. It is just a good way to start the day.
Change 3: Homework. Last semester, I started out behind on homework. I had a huge work load, and I procrastinated. I have much less work this semester, but the main difference is that I get it done quickly, usually the day it is assigned even if it is not due for days. The practice has reduced the amount of stress I am under and has helped me to have more late night freedom and more sleep.

I thought that my first two weeks of this semester would also make a good topic for this momentous occasion. So here we go:
Day 1: Moving in. This was a crazy night. I was reunited with many friends, and I stayed up late playing video games. This would not have been a big deal, but I forgot to make my bed, everyone else was asleep, and it was past 3 in the morning. I managed to completely make my bed, even without the night vision goggles that I forgot were in my closet. *face palm*
Day 3: Class. The first day of class was pretty cool. We went over the syllabi (I looked "syllabus plural" up on Google, and Wikipedia gave me "syllabuses or syllabi." I looked further into it and came up with this from Mr. Morrison of "Both are in common usage therefore both are correct. However, since syllabus is derived from Greek, just as octopus and hippopotamus are, the prescriptive grammarian would prefer syllabuses just as they would prefer octopuses and hippopotamuses. If the etymology had been Latin, then just like alumni and foci, the answer would have been syllabi. Nevertheless, English grammar is descriptive rather than prescriptive and since there are two ways of saying it, you can decide. Unfortunately, whichever word you choose, you are likely to irritate someone who uses the other version and is convinced that his or her version is the only correct one." Personally, I like syllabi.) and that was about it. Oh, I learned that electrons flowing is electricity. (I heard once that we pay like $68 dollars for each class. Waste of tuition dollars FTL?)
Day 4: Class (Cont.). See Day 3.
Day 5: More Different Class. Today, we did stuff. I had DC, Bib. Lit. and Karate. Pretty straight forward. I have been playing DotA a lot lately. I used to be way better at it and stuff, but I am kinda rusty.

I am getting kinda bored of posting for now, and you have the idea. Before I finish, let me find something interesting and post it...

Tad ah!

New Year, New Member

As several of you doubtless know, the powersuite has received a new member from the floor. Wrench, purveyor of fashion, CS major extraordinaire, and generally all around awesome guy has joined the ranks of the few, the proud, those strange enough to put their beds in one room and desks in another: The Powersuite. May God have mercy on his soul.