Saturday, April 5, 2008


Good Evening.

There is currently a metal rooster perched on top of my computer, and I am happy.

Yesterday was Hootenanny, for which I performed two comedy skits, one by myself and one with Play-Doh. Since I had one in each act, I had to be at rehearsals from 6-11 each night Tuesday through Friday, which made my week rather interesting. But it is now over, and my solo skit placed third, for which I received a trophy in the shape of a rooster. The other skit went well, too, but it has been floating around YouTube recently, and so the judges probably didn't think as highly of it.

In addition to placing in Hootenanny, I have also figured the classes I have left to take, and I will only have to take an average of 15 hours a semester for the next two years. Which means that, hopefully, things will get easier after this semester.


Maybe I'll also have time to study magnetism over the summer as well.