Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's About Time

They finally got me.

After five years of actively hunting and ponding others on the floor while myself remaining immune, I was ponded under what is being dubbed "The Shrug Clause." Basically, I hadn't been ponded yet and I needed to be before I graduated.
The devious fiends got me Sunday afternoon. Of course fearing that I would be too much for them to handle under normal circumstances, they waited until right after I returned from a Chinese buffet. They didn't even let me get onto the floor, but pulled me right out of the car.
Out of one vehicle...

...and into another.

Having a stomach full of food somewhat impaired my fighting and running abilities, but I think I did a decent job.
One of the few times being tall is a bad thing.


"Not one of you's gonna survive this!"

The trucks were slow to get moving after I went in, and I managed to beat them to the stop sign and block their path. This resulted in everyone bailing out of Scorch's truck, and Treads nearly running me over with his Jeep. Back on the floor, I was able to hunt a few people down before I started feeling unwell. Just eating, struggling a lot, and getting thrown in the pond are not a good combination. Overall, though, I greatly enjoyed the whole thing. A lot of the floor was present, and it was good times all around.

...speaking of things that have taken long enough...


Five years, two majors, and, if my calculations are correct, Suma Cum Laude. Take that, engineering curriculum!

Not that it hasn't been difficult; the reason there wasn't a April post is because the last month has been madness, especially the last week.

Things due last Friday: Everything for E-Lab 3, including all minilabs, a 15-V power supply, a function generator, and a 10-W power amplifier (I didn't even get the last one done).

Things due Monday: Most everything for Senior Design, including a poster, web page, technical abstract, and Final Presentation.

Thing due Tuesday: Senior Design documentation (shudder) due at 9:00 am, after which Hopps and I drove up to Oklahoma City and back to finish signing our apartment lease for the summer.

After that, I was done, but routinely forcing myself to stay awake inadvertently caused my brain to switch into live-without-sleep apocalypse mode, and I didn't sleep Tuesday night either simply because I wasn't tired.

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Rachel said...

Grey! It's your goddaughter, Rachel. Just wanted to say hey and that you're a very funny man. I just watched Emperor's New Groove actually. Um so ya um bye.